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Fender Blues Deluxe tweed

Fender Blues Junior

1959 Gibson Titan

1970s Ampeg V4 head

MusicMan HD 130, 50w head

Peavey Classic 30

Ampeg 4x12 Cabinet

2x12 Randall cabinet

Dan Electro Nifty 50



1970s Ampeg V4 head

1970s Ampeg V6 head

MusicMan HD 130, 50w

TC Electronic BH500 bass head

Ampeg 4x12 cabinet

Ampeg 8x10 classic cabinet

TC Electronic 2x12 cabinet


C&C Drum Company Player Date I 4 pc. 

     Big Beat kit

Vintage Ludwig Standard 4 pc. kit

Premier Artist Maple 5 pc. kit

1970s Ludwig Supraphonic Snare

Avedis Zildjan 16” thin crash

Sabian XS 20” medium ride

Paiste Giant Beat hi-hats

DW 3000 pedal



1893 Steinway upright

1936 Knabe baby grand



1977 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe w/P90 pickups

1979 Gibson The Paul 

1997 Gibson Les Paul Classic

Epiphone Joe Pass Signature Emperor II

1960s Teisco Del Rey EP-7

1976 Epiphone ET-278 Crestwood

2008 Gibson Hummingbird Artist acoustic

1970s Blueridge acoustic

Martin acoustic

Washburn 12-string acoustic

1960s Hagstrom Kent 1B bass

(2) 1980s Fender Bullet bass

Epiphone El Capitan acoustic/electric bass



1960s Silvertone lap steel

Korg M50 88 key Synthesizer

Hammond M3 organ

Wurlitzer Centura Deluxe organ

Casio CDP 100 keyboard


EHX Soul Food

EHX Wiggler

EHX Holy Grail

Maxon OD 808

TC Electronic Spark Boost

BBE Two Timer Delay

Ernie Ball Volume

Sans Amp Programmable Distortion

Boss Loop

ProCo Turbo Rat

DOD Compressor

Vox Wah Wah

Boss DS-1 Distortion


Trident Vector 432 

48 Channel w/factory transformer option

 (Jensen transformers on all channels)



Dynaudio M3 passive

Bryston 4B SST

Event 20 20

Alesis RA 300



UA Apollo 16 (x2) for 32 simultaneous inputs

Sony APR-24 (x2) 2-inch, 24-track decks w remotes



Neumann U87

AKG C451B (2)

AKG D-112

Shure SM7B

Shure Beta 57

Sampson Co2 (2)

Sennheiser e609 (2)

RCA BK-4A (3)

RCA 88-A

RCA 50-A (2)

Shure SM58

Octava MK-319 (2)



Neve 33609

IGS Tubecore 3U

UA 1176LN (2)

Urei LA-4 (2)

Tubetech PE-1C (2)

Orban 244B

Lexicon Alex

HHB Burn-it

Avalon U-5 DI

UA 2-610

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